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The 21st Century Business Model is more than just a book but a movement with the quest to help as many people as possible achieve their financial goals.

R290.00 R230.00


R290.00 R230.00


Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Get first-hand experience of how Lonwabo Fololo overcame the same challenges you are going through in your life.

Multi-Level Marketing Leader

Learn the new tricks and spark ideas. Understand the new ways of living, thinking and a fresh perspective of how to grow your team in 90 days.

Businesses seeking growth

From this book, you will learn all about the current and coming threats to job security and why you should consider being entrepreneurial.

Bitcoin & 4IR Enthusiast

(Bitcoin | DeFi) Get to understand what is a borderless currency, how to buy & hold and learn about all the risk factor involved.

Here's what entrepreneurs have to saying about the book

The book is great even though I’ve finished reading the book but I always go back to it. It’s very educational especially to those who are not familiar with Network Marketing and Crypto…. I had two of the books and gave one to my friend. Book is amazing.

Amazing book!


I first came across Lonwabo on social media, He really resonated with me. So I purchased his book “The 21st Century Business Model”. From the first couple of pages, I couldn’t put it down. In fact I would say it is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read.
 For me, finding this book is exactly what I needed right at this time in my life.

Truly Inspiring!

Mrs M Nkosi

A must read if you are a young person or even adult looking to start your own business, this book illustrates on the challenges, advantages and disadvantages of running your own business successfully, I was particularly drawn in by the encouragement of becoming successful in network marketing and creating lasting wealth. I like the fact that it’s  understandable and easy to read.

Eye opener!

Priscilla Mogomotsi

A sneak peak to entrepreneurial development, building a business, venturing in to traditional business or the digital world. This master piece dishes out knowledge that will build your confidence, understanding of the 21st century’s world of business. It’s a must for our times.

A must read for anyone in leadership!

Hussan Mhlanga

Discover the book that is captivating hundreds of Entrepreneurs

A business model not even AI can kill

About The Book

Here’s the old way. Go to school, get good grades, go to a good varsity, get a stable job, live well and have a nice white picket-fence and raise a family and retire comfortably. But that dream has almost completely faded away. Job security for many professions is a thing of the past. Hi-tech is killing millions of jobs and is set to kill many more. So, what’s the new way? The answer is simple: become a 21st century entrepreneur.

The 21st century business model isn’t perfect, but it’s better than languishing in the never-ending unemployment queues. 21st century entrepreneurs can choose to work from home. They can even change countries without changing their source of income. From this book, you will learn all about the current and coming threats to job security and why you should consider being entrepreneurial.

Lonwabo Fololo

A word from the Author

Lonwabo Fololo has found a breakthrough opportunity with what he calls the 21st century business model. He writes candidly about his experiences and his successes in generating both active and passive incomes, Readers will notice, too, that he’s passionate about blockchain technology and other wizardry. He’s married to Zimkita and they have three children.

Lonwabo Fololo

What other leaders say about the author

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