Lonwabo Fololo


Best-selling Entrepreneurship Book. Discover the book that is captivating thousands of entrepreneurs. The 21st century business model is more than just a book but a movement with the quest to help as many people as possible achieve their financial goals. This is a must read for all leaders and entrepreneurs!

290,00 R230,00

Here’s the old way, “Go to school, get good grades, go to a good varsity, get a stable job, live well and have a nice white picket-fence and raise a family and retire comfortably”. But that dream has almost completely faded away. Job security for many professions is a thing of the past. Hi-tech is overtaking millions of jobs and is set to take many more leaving the ordinary employees unemployed. So, what’s the new way? The answer is simple: become “The 21st century entrepreneur.”

From this book, you will learn all about the current and coming threats to job security and why you should consider being entrepreneurial. There’s a chapter that speaks about the “Three common ways people get into entrepreneurship”, and another on “How to become and remain a 21st century entrepreneur”. This book is a must read!

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